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For All New Students

All newbies to Sew O'side start in the same place! Each new student starts with "My First Class" before moving on to Sewing 101 and Sewing 102. You can purchase each section individually or SAVE by signing up for the "Starter Bundle".

How do I start?

Show up with a smile! All Materials and tools are included for our foundation classes. Personal Machines are limited to Private Sessions only. Each of the Foundation classes can be scheduled during any open seats in our Semi-Private classes. You'll be working at your own pace, on your own project, in a group setting. Each Semi-Private Class is limited to 8 students. 

My First Class: Come in for your first class to learn the basics of working with a sewing machine. How to thread and work a domestic machine, fill a bobbin and an introduction to sewing through a paper template. This section includes 1 Semi-Private Class Session.

Sewing 101: Learn how to sew with fabric through our first 2 foundation projects, a 9-square pillow and the Sew O'side Reversible Tote Bag. This section includes 3 Semi-Private Class Sessions. 

Sewing 102: Dive a little deeper into your sewing skills and complete the last 2 Foundation projects: Reversible Apron and Zippered Purse. You'll be learning how to work with different shaped seam allowances, pockets, zippers and stabilizer! This section includes 6 Semi-Private Class Sessions

Starter Bundle: Includes all 3 sewing sections listed above: My First Class, Sewing 101 and Sewing 102; a total of 10 Semi-Private Sessions. 

Follow the steps below to get started!

Create an Account

First step is to create an account on This is where you will purchase your package of classes, book and manage your schedule. Please fill out as much information as you can. Family members can use a single account for up to 3 members of the same household.

Purchase Classes

Decide which package of classes you'd like to start with. If managing more than one student in a single account, each student will need their own package of classes. 

Book your Class

You will be able to book all of your prepaid classes as far out as the schedule allows. The Foundation classes work like a punch card, you use them as you go! You can schedule as often as you'd like, or spread them out as needed. The schedules are super flexible.

Manage your Classes

All your classes can be managed directly on your account. Just sign in online, go to My Classes - there, you can click the drop down menu on the right to cancel or reschedule as needed. You will receive an automated email 24 hours before a class (and text reminders if you opt-in) and cancellation policy is 18 hours minimum before a scheduled class. 

Foundation Classes Complete!

Congrats! Once you have finished with your Foundation projects, you'll move on to Continued Learning, where you're working on individual projects with the assistance of instructors to maximize your learning! See the "Continued Learning" page for more info!

  • My First Class!

    First Class for ALL New Students to Sew O'side
  • Sewing 101

    Must Complete "My First Class"
  • Sewing 102

    Must Complete "Sewing 101"
  • New Starter Bundle

    SAVE on My First Class, Sewing 101 and Sewing 102 BUNDLE
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