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Class Kits...

Class Kit Purchase Deadline has passed. Some kits will still be available while supplies last, on site. Please see below for instructions on kits you can prepare at home. Special accommodations cannot be made during class time if you are not prepared, as class times are limited. Special notes for each class listed at the bottom of this page.

Machine Rentals will close on Tuesday May 23. You may be able to rent one on site if extra are available.


Class Kits you will prep at home!!!
These classes need to be cut and prepped BEFORE you come to class. We will NOT have time or space once class starts to cut/prep. If you NEED to work with me directly to prep a kit, please message me directly for options and pricing. I will have a Zoom LIVE call for help with cutting patterns out before Margaritaville!
*Leggings with Pockets
*Half Circle Skirt
**Leggings with pockets**
FREE pattern from Patterns for Pirates!
(I like to use CL or DBP for these - CL will be easier to sew, but DBP is super buttery soft!)
Peg legs with pocket add on, get the patterns here:
Peg Legs:

Pocket add-ons:
**Half Circle Skirt**
Erica's Half Circle skirt by 5oo4
Aprox 2yd needed for adult sizes, and don't forget we are making our skirt WITH POCKETS! This pattern is designed for knit - For more of a structured shape, use CL, for a loose drape go with a lighter weight knit (bamboo cotton, DBP, etc)

Coupon Code for purchase:
CL or DBP will be best for this one!

The Wolf and the Tree gave us a fantastic coupon code for the pattern for our Socks! class!!! Use code SOCKFUN to save 50% off your purchase of the Going Rouge Socks for Men and Women!
Classes that REQUIRE Kit Purchase

Bag Making
Make Up Bag
Heirloom Bear
Dayna Pack
Diana Zip Pouch
H2O Hack
Kaitlyn Crossbody
Marilyn Wallet
Mickey Ears (Sewn)
Mickey Ears (ITH - Embroidery)
Notebook Cover
Party Purse
Purse Pal
Shazzy Wristlet
Wristlet with Lilly
Lounger Pants
Sahara Dress
Pool Covers
**Hoodies, Pool Covers, Lounger Pants and Sahara Dress - These required kits will have fabric choices when you purchase the kits online (they are available now, Deadline to purchase these kits is May 15).
*Classes that INCLUDE Kits:
(no cost, and you'll pick your pack before class starts from a plethora of options, explained below!)
Bucket Hats
ID Holders
Sleep Masks
Twisty Headbands
Japanese Knot Bag

**Embroidery Classes:
Basic kits are included (except for Mickey Ears ITH). If you would like to bring your owns materials for these, please plan on the following:
(2) 5x7 Vinyl
(1) 5x5 contrast (woven, knit, vinyl) character, etc
Snap buttons (tools for attaching will be provided)
(1) 5x5 clear vinyl (optional for ornaments)
Tabs Galore
Hand Sanitizer Holder
Coloring Dolls (white vinyl provided)
For Kits that explain

"Fabric Options will be available at the start of class time"
For those who have not done this with me before, I want you to be assured, I will have PLENTY of options available for choosing! For example, the H2O class is capped at 25 students, I will have over 100 kits to pick from (that one specifically is a lot because that's probably my most popular kit!) and other classes, Scrunchies is capped at 25, we already have 70 packaged kits to pick from! and so on. So, for those, don't stress! There is lots and lots that is going to be available! And ALL kits come pre-cut and prepped (including stabilizer already fused!). And previews of the fabrics for each kit will be sneaked in the group as we get them together!!! I will also have a "theme request" section for these kit when you purchase them online!
$50 rental for the whole weekend

Pins and Magnet Wand
Seam Ripper
Extra Needles (just in case!)
Pre-wound bobbins and Thread (Black and White)
Zipper Foot, Teflon Foot